European Elections 2014

Labour are getting spooked by the rise of Red UKIP. Ed’s British guru Lord Glasman used his interview with the Sunday Times to warn middle-class metropolitan Miliband that he is haemorrhaging working class votes to Farage:

“This is a long-term trend since 2001, in terms of the working-class vote just declining quite dramatically. The Labour middle-class vote held up [in 2010]. It was the working-class vote that died. These are often people who are earning, who have jobs, but they don’t see Labour as representing their interests. There was possibly an assumption at first that [the rise of Ukip] would just work against the Tories. But there is a view that says that after the European and local elections are over, there could be a swing back to the Conservatives of Ukip voters. But will there be necessarily a swing back to Labour from the Ukip voters?”

At the same time as there appears to be a surge in support, the misrepresntation of UKIP increases. This is best articulated by Peter Osborne:

“No political party in modern history – not even Neil Kinnock’s Labour in 1987 – has come under such sustained attack and misrepresentation. Mr Kinnock at least had The Guardian and the Daily Mirror; Mr Farage cannot boast a single national title, and several papers are running vendettas against him. Mr Kinnock was treated reasonably fairly by the broadcast media. This is not the case with Mr Farage: consider the lacerating contempt shown towards him by Channel 4 News and its chief presenter, Jon Snow. Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political editor, has also abandoned his usual fairness when dealing with the party.”

The political class do indeed feel frightened. Farage may turn out to be a buffoon but that is a sideshow issue.  The issue for me is two-fold, I want to wave two-fingers and I am strongly against the politicisation of the ‘common market’. Like a wounded animal the establishment feels cornered and it WILL fight back. The narcicistic system has too many feeding at the trough to let any populist rebellion go unchallenged. Expect the state funding of political parties to be back on the agenda as the main players seek to consolidate their strangehold.

Finally, as someone who has worked with politicians for thirty years I firmly believe that we should change our politicians often, much like nappies, and for the same reason.  The election poster up in my front window is the one below.  Feel free to download it (copies available on request). By all means vote byr for that added protection – attach a condom!

European Election Poster

Be warned though. I was challenged over it’s content.  It was suggested that my reference to Guy Fawkes was a breach of Section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2006. The poster is still there. I’m sat here in my tin hat and camouflage jacket.

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