John Davis, Publican, The King’s Head, Leicester

‘Bobby’ has worked tirelessy raising money for worthy causes but doesn’t do animal or children’s charities ….. ask him why, I dare you.

Reece David, Enertainer

We’ve slummed it and collaborated. Andrew is one of a handful of people who could knock on my front door at 4am with a roll of black bin liners in one hand and a shovel in the other, asking for help and no questions would be asked.

Sarah Craig, Success Partner and International Business Mentor

There’s just something about Andrew – not sure I always fully understand what he is getting at, but he always inspires positive thought! As I get older I am finding traditional business and coaching ideas both boring and probably ineffective – Andrew is making an old bird think differently!

Tom Norton, Love Lanes Festival, Leicester

Fantastic Andrew, or is it Bobby?  Thank you so much for compering our seven hours of comedy in The House of Fun (Upstairs in the Globe pub) and propping up the bar afterwards keeping the punters entertained! All for a good cause.

Adrian Cullis, Health and Safety and Training Manager, Craven Services

I do find it entertaining when you have a theme or two on the go, especially with a pint in your hand.

Dominic Shellard, Vice Chancellor, De Montfort University

What a great blog! Many thanks

Brian White, CEO at MLM – Military Leadership and Motivation

Andrew is a dedicated professional. With an un-yielding drive to achieve he is a one man powerhouse. Totally trustworthy he speaks the truth to people and does not let them down.  His political skills are superb and his ability to put his thoughts into words are second to none.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.

John Nixon, CEO at Carlisle United FC, former Rotary President

If you are looking for an after-dinner speaker, look no more, book him!

Hossein Farhadi, Managing Director, Datanext Limited

Andrew has an engaging personality and an outgoing manner which enables him to get on well with everyone. His performance and contribution to various projects, displayed his ability to integrate material and reflect a thoughtful and perceptive analysis of both conceptual and practical problems.

Sophia Smith, Director, Revolve Gallery and Revolve Boutique

Fun to work with. Full of ideas, and recommendations of people who can assist you in developing your business. A font of knowledge, who I will happily work with again.

Alan Booker, Founder, Ten Trees IT Consulting

With over ten years consultancy experience in the Public and Private sectors, Andrew has acted as a true critical friend. Having supplied life coaching and mentoring support earlier this year, and with his ebullient personality acting as a breath of fresh air in these challenging times, he is highly recommended.

Rae Leah, Managing Director, Atkinson Leah Limited

Focussed, concise and creative, now a regular presence in our organisation.

Jason Croke, Independent Sports Professional

Andrew is a dedicated professional providing a quality service. His USP is that he is meticulous and in my role as a Lancashire Football Association Council Member, his guidance and advice have benefited me greatly

Geoff Cook, Cumbria County Councillor

I worked with Andrew whilst he was at Cumbria County Council – although he was in support of a different political group to me! However, I would have no hesitation in recommending his work.

Derek Houston, Leadership Support Officer, Cumbria County Council

Working at the most senior levels within the organisation, Andrew applied his extensive outside experience to the organisation challenging existing working practices. This new thinking revitalised several processes leading to a step change in performance in several key areas.

Ross Grant, Market Researcher & Social Media Consultant

Andrew provides insightful advice on complex areas of policy. He is an able independent worker who can work to a brief creating focused and detailed written reports and verbal briefings. He is a motivated individual who always meets deadlines and works with great integrity.

Mark Bentley, Head of Communications, Leicester City Council

Andrew understands how the political wheels turn and has an excellent grasp of developing the right policies to support progress.

Wyatt Ramsdale, Director, Amey plc

Andrew is enthusiastic, hard-working and very capable. He has an innovative approach to finding the right, often new solutions to issues. I saw a lot of his work.

David Russell, Head of Department, De Montfort University

Andrew is well read and has considerable intellect which he uses effectively interspersed with good humour. Andrew has good business and political acumen and would be an asset to any organisation’s senior management team.