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“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

The malandro, or “bad boy” is the rogue, the hustler, the  rascal, the scoundrel significant to Brazilian national identity as a folk hero, or, rather an anti-hero.  Malandro I’m not, as he leads a bohemian life of only fun and pleasure, I on the otherhand have to feed myself.  Nonetheless since the name malAndrew has stuck in certain bohemian quarters I’ll play along and share some of the fun and pleasure because I’ve been privelliged to meet some fascinating people on my travels who really do have a talent.

This page is all about showcasing some of that talent and creating a platform that may well kick start or enhance the careers of some of those featured. Another example of what the democratisation that is social media means. No live music feeds yet (mental note: look up what DRM means) but reviews embracing the world of fashion, art and design…and that’s no FAD lol. These are very early days, we’re embarking upon a journey and we’ll just have to wait and see where the road takes us.  The provocative headline gets the visitors in.

“Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads” – Erica Jong

All of the artists, designers and musicians featured have been encountered by this malAndrew, usually in quite random situations. For the most part their take on life as well as their talent has been forensically dissected over a glass of beer. Gigs have been attended, galleries and studios visited. and press passes adorned at trade and catwalk shows. If any of them catch your attention, leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


A Stockholm CafePhotographer Maria Fäldt is seen at work in Stockholm. The photograph, used as a header on two of the pages on this website, was taken by her cousin, then Norway based multi-media freelancer Viveka Edit Sjölund and is reproduced with her kind permission. Maria’s assignment was to photograph “City Characters” and she certainly managed that, photographing Finland based writer Hugo Mandeville and I taking a break on a road trip from Paris to Tampere.  Maria’s work is truly wonderful and I wholeheartedly recommend that you visit her website at and browse through her gallery.

2012-05-28 15.33.572012-05-28 15.34.36

A AddyEmerging as a new talent is Campbell Addy, an up and coming young photograher with an engaging personality who specialises in the use of black and white imagery, though his photography ranges from fine art to landscapes.  Samples of his work can be viewed online, hosted at  Campbell exhibited at the 557 Shadows exhibition in Bloomsbury, London.  When I rang him a few weeks later he advised me on the purchase of the camera which I have used to take many of the photographs on this site.

Paris based Hans Zeeldieb really does take things back to basics, using his own hand-made box camera he takes photographs of locals and tourists alike at various locations around Paris.  After a night of partying with him and Raphaël Giraldi I joined Hans outside the Pompidou Centre and watched him at work, fascinated by his skill and amazed at the quality of the images captured and the results produced.  Not so much retro as classic, in an age of digital media and hype.  To view samples of his work you really must visit his website










Also exhibiting in at the 557 Shadows exhibition in Bloomsbury, London were sculptors Richard Field and Roberto Pacini.  Roberto is is a lively and gregarious character who works with clay, creating very tactile pieces.  Those exhibited in London were inspired by the legacy of Pompeii. Richard works primarily with glass and stone and aims to evoke emotion and draw the viewer in to want to touch and explore his sculpture. Much of his work is inspired by the sensuality, movement and power of the human body as well as the natural properties within the materials which he uses and can be commissioned from him at

A RichardA RobertoExamples of Richard’s and Robert’s work are shown here and both pieces are now part of my collection.





It is not every morning that a rock star makes you coffee and croissants but French singer and bass guitarist Chris Wood with Freaky Frog (name anglicised because I don’t want my website crashing) came through when I spent a night in Paris.  Though now disbanded (quite literally) Freaky Frog took me under their wing while they were in Belfort showcasing their work and being interviewed by the local radio station.

A ChrisA freaky frogChris is currently collaborating on a number of projects, including Sit Down Werner, where he is joined by Josselin Jobard, Jean Gros and Freddy ‘The Rock’ Derocles on drums.  All are independent musicians in their own right who have come together to experiment with a raw sound as they search for an even more eclectic audience.  With a hint of Freaky Frog they develop their own unique sound, influenced by rock and psychedelic music from the 60s and 70s it is inpregnated with their energy and mix of influences.  Sample their sound and their track The Ocean by clicking on the link Sit
Down Werner

DD Sit Down WernerWhile Sit Down Werner are shown to the left, below are photos from when I caught up with former Freaky Frog frontman Flo Linkenheld, who is currently experimenting with his own unique take on life, expressed through music and poetry and French band manager and promoter Jeremie Margeault.
A floA Jerry


“My clan are the mavericks, the vagabonds, the mad scientists, the gypsies, the theatre people, the artists, the musicians, the deviants, the radicals, the outsiders and you.” Bobby Nitro

For a real taste of alternative culture you will do no better than Portrait of a Weird SocietyPortrait of a Weird Society has the inspiration of Elisa Radelet to thank, as she organises parties and extravagant shows in Paris to create a network of artists, models and performers from different environments to promote art and culture for everyone.  Well we may put on a good show when it comes to the Olympics but for that true Bohemian feel, well only the French do it … and presumably the Bohemians.  Absinthe spoons at the ready. To support the project through crowd funding click on this link to the KissBank.

DD Portrait of a Wierd Societygarden france

All was beautiful in the garden that day (le Jardin des plantes). I’m flanked by Portrait of a Weird Society’s organiser Elisa Radelet and its web designer Elise Melet. Also with us is Louise Gros, one of the most talented young illustrators I’ve met.  Her work will be expositioned at the Solstice as it can be by clicking here too.

When I spent a couple of days with Berlin based Avelin in Copenhagen they ‘insisted’ I visit Christiania with them. I met up again with the Latvian and Russian part of the band when Vjaceslavs Dmitrijevs and Emily Turkel asked me to photograph them when they decided to play some impromptu street music at Alexanderplatz, in Berlin much to the amazement of passers-by who got a taste of their music without queuing.

A AvelinA Desmond
My musical tastes are nothing if not eclectic.  I have known Brian James for a number of years through my charitable activities.  He is one of the most amiable people that you’ll ever meet, a highly experienced artist with over three thousand performances behind him, Brian has sung to many audiences in many styles.  If he is not singing at a solo gig then he is fronting Cumbria’s finest 18 piece big band, the Cliff Eland Big Band, or touring with the Brian James Set, Brian’s own Jazz based quartet.

A Brian

Currently presenting his ‘Rat Pack and Friends’ show brian sings the classics not only from the libraries of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. but also from the many other artists of the genre including Matt Monro, Nat king Cole and Tony Bennett.  Check out his website at

Julian Blackmore is a British composer and musician living in New York City. I used to be his father’s ‘bagman’ (no expenses scandal or ‘brown envelopes, just his policy support officer) while he was the Leader of Leicester City Council.  Julian writes, produces and performs music for theatre, film, television, radio and new media. He is the co-composer and lyricist of the hit musical Spandex, playing on Off Broadway and featured on Fox News

C BlackmoreDrawing from a rich variety of genres his original music can be as driving and persuasive as it can be lyrical and sensitive. Strong melodic lines and captivating harmonic progressions all contribute to the telling of a story. A  background in pop songwriting and production led him to work as a composer, producer, educator and performer around the UK and Europe, before relocating to New York to study the crafty art of musical theatre writing at NYU, earning an MFA in 2010.  Check out his wedsite at

Fashion Designers

IMG-20110809-00064Gunsmoke and Lavender is a new menswear fashion brand introduced by creative director Jo Hawtree.  I encountered her (not a euphemism) while taking a beer in the French House in Soho, before ‘B’ listing it with her and some celebs at a private members club.  She pushes the boundaries whilst maintaining a grounded basis in classic menswear tailoring with her collections challenging stereotypes through the innovative use of pattern cutting and fabric choice. Using strong colour stories to reflect the emotion and intensity of the themes of her collections she is creating a unique brand identity.  Bespoke work and collaborations are available on request so check out her website Jo also has sound advice for all creative types, given in eStyler magazine which I wholeheartedly endorse:

“If I were to offer advice from the heart, though it may be controversial, I would say break the rules, don’t rely too much on outside influences. Find something that inspires you every day. Carve your own path. Make friends and enemies, not everyone is going to like what you do, that’s a good thing. Most importantly be yourself. Personal style creates a much bigger impact than following trends. Be a leader. You are unique and only you have the ability to show your vision to the world, embrace it.”


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