The Pitch

Criticalfriend as a concept started out as a boutique consultancy and coaching service.  It was founded to provide for a better understanding and a greater opportunity to facilitate individual and organisational growth through external challenge.  Consultancy and personal coaching services are still on the agenda but I’ve also been getting a buzz from responding to invitations to speak at seminars and after-dinner events where I present on a range of topics, giving a unique and challenging take on the stories behind the headlines. For a list of credits, please see some of the Testimonials received.

To make contact please send a polite email to me, that’s Andrew at criticalfriend, remembering I’m global so it’s dot com ;)

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Okay, let’s be blunt, I need to feed myself so hopefully some visitors will be inspired – inspired enough to use my consultancy and mentoring services or my after-dinner speaking skills.  If today isn’t the right time keep coming back, absorb yourself in the site, enjoy and above all else live!

Public Speaking – presentations, interviews, seminars and after-dinner speeches

For an informed and educational take on leadership, management, the economy, politics or the stories behind the headlines I am told that I have a growing reputation for providing a unique take on events which is both challenging and thought provoking, as I educate and entertain with positive intent.  You pay your money, you make your choice – the offer ranges from formal speaking to a stand-up comedy set. Yes I am serious. My alter-ego recently debuted a thirty minute stand-up show at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival, the fifth largest in the world – more on that in Nitro Nites.

I am prepared to undertake a limited amount of pro bono speaking engagements for charities – previous happy beneficiaries have included Rotary International, The Christie and Macmillan Nurses.  The jury is still out on Norfolk Constabulary.

“Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads” – Erica Jong

Criticalfriend – mentoring, business counseling and coaching

Traditional mentoring generally focusses on the individual’s personal growth, whereas business counseling has, as the term implies, its focus on the goals and outcomes for the organisation. A criticalfriend is a friend to the individual or organisation.  A critic critiques, we don’t assume that the literary or theatre critic’s role is steeped in negativity and we shouldn’t assume that opening our products, plans or services to scrutiny is anything less than a positive action.

boxActing with positive intent and your best interests in mind services are tailored to suit your needs or those of your organisation. Whatever the fit: mentoring; business counseling; personal or professional coaching you will have a friend and a critic.  Let’s destroy the hamster wheel and break the vicious circle.  With agreed objectives the delivery method can be a combination of face to face meetings, telephone support and email exchange.

I have supported many individuals from executives and business owners to musicians and artists.  And with over 1800 LinkedIn connections and over 12 million professionals in my network I probably know someone, who knows someone, who knows you.

I am particularly keen to support individuals in the performing arts, fashion, music, art and design.  More often than not those working in a small team or in isolation lack the opportunity for support and a fresh perspective.  It can be both frustrating and unsettling when you can’t see that barrier that’s stopping you from moving on.


So whether you are looking for an Advocate, Confidant, Mediator, Mentor, Motivator, Arbitrator, Consultant or Presenter to make contact send me an email, giving your name, email address and telephone number, with a brief overview of the nature of your enquiry.

Remenber, to make contact please send a polite email to me, that’s Andrew at criticalfriend, remembering I’m global so it’s dot com ;)

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