Portrait of A Weird Society

For a real taste of alternative culture you will do no better than Portrait of a Weird SocietyPortrait of a Weird Society has the inspiration of Elisa Radelet to thank, as she organises parties and extravagant shows in Paris to create a network of artists, models and performers from different environments to promote art and culture for everyone.  Well we may put on a good show when it comes to the Olympics but for that true Bohemian feel, well only the French do it … and presumably the Bohemians.  Absinthe spoons at the ready. To support the project through crowd funding click on this link to the KissBank.

DD Portrait of a Wierd Societygarden france

All was beautiful in the garden that day (le Jardin des plantes). I’m flanked by Portrait of a Weird Society’s organiser Elisa Radelet and its web designer Elise Melet.

The next events Solstice I and II are due to take place on the 7th and 11th June

SOLSTICE I @ l’Ogresse // Poses Ogresse théâtre associatif in Paris, France

SOLSTICE II @ Le Batofar // Performances Batofar in Paris, France

Press enquiries should be directed to Urielle Dutartre, email: urielle_dutartre@hotmail.fr

To follow my journey showcasing talent in fashion, music art and design, encountered on my travels click on the Showcasing F******MAD tab at the top of the page or follow the link.

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