In Trump We Trust?

America, you naughty country but I love you for coming out. It’s the last gasp of a dying empire – the rise of the demagogue. Well I expect the usual torrent of abuse from all the dummy throwers out there. Yes, I told you so. I ain’t smug he’s won, he’s a nut-job. Hilary beat the best man. No I don’t mean Trump on the popular vote but Bernie Saunders.

But I called it right, just like I called Brexit, just like I called the election, just like I call so many other things. You hear me but you don’t listen because it challenges your paradigm and I become toxic to your hollow success This old handle laughs at all the broken hammers out there, the happy clappy media types, the politicos, the policy wonks, the public serpents.

So while we’re at it let me share a few more home truths with you:

This isn’t a sceptred isle, it’s a septic isle but hey what else should we expect when the country has been run by a family on fucking benefits since 1066. Yes I’ve moved back to my roots to support an eighty seven year old father. I’m in a tower block, one of the seven slags. I’ve had my nose broken for spitting at a drug dealer. Every day, yes every day, I mix with drug users, people who sell their bodies, people who aren’t dumb but are voiceless. I’m on Universal Credit but they’ll either support my business plan or they’ll be told where to shove their benefits. I too am Daniel Blake. But you know what, I love them all. Get over it.

It isn’t the National Health Service it’s the National Sick Service and it’s a disgrace. Nurses do a good job but they are glorified arse wipers, Our education system is broken, it teaches people what to think, not how to think. Get over it.

I salute the sacrifice of the fallen but patriotism is a pile of poo. It’s manipulation by the big man in the big house of the little man who dreams of a house. And if you could resurrect the fallen they would believe they’d died in vain. Get over it.

Anyone who works in banking is morally bankrupt and if you work for gobernment, national or local you’re not in public service, you’re in self service, you’re getting paid. If you want to do public service do voluntary work. Get over it.

Keith Vaz MP was regularly shagging rent boys in the Holiday Inn Leicester at Sunday afternoon sex parties over twenty years ago and the authorities turned a blind eye. Why? Because there is nothing our security services and their puppet masters, the establishment love more than having a little bit of shit on someone and their peccadilloes for leverage. Get over it.

Terrorism is the poor man’s war. War is the rich man’s terrorism. Stuff the Prevention of Terrorism Act – terrorism is an asymmetric strategy in war – it is cause neutral – it is a bloody good weapon. We invented it, read Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Terrorism is instilling a sense of terror and panic, guess whose good at that? HMG. Get over it.

Most muslims are wonderful people but Islam is a twisted religion. Religions do not cause wars – man does. The most efficient factory in the world has two employees, a man and a dog. The man is there to feed the dog. The dog is there to keep the man off the machinery. Get over it.

My clan are the mavericks, the vagabonds, the mad scientists, the gypsies, the theatre people, the artists, the musicians, the deviants, the gays, the radicals, the outsiders and you – just wake up, stop watching reality TV and start living and reading – read Life After the State, read Straw Dogs, read Human Givens, read Velvet Rage. Get over it.

Am I a dick? Yes but what do you expect? My best friend is a cunt, my neighbour is an arsehole and I hang out with a couple of nuts. Get over it.

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