Using the Press

A fascinating fact has just arrived in my inbox from HARO, one of the leading platforms used by independent journalists, researchers and media professionals. Do you know what two thirds of North American journalists do once a week? Abusive responses, ignored. They use press releases. Don’t be too shocked, even in the age of tweets, pins and likes, press releases are as relevant and vital as ever.

B photoYou can learn all that you need to know about maximizing this important vehicle with the mononews e-Guide to the Press Release. It features everything from best practices in preparation, format and content to how to construct sharable releases for the social web. This thirty-five page document is no less than the ultimate resource for a new generation of press releases. And it comes from a reliable source since mononews is the leading lifestyle news distribution service in Canada. It is a must-read guide for all communications professionals and those wanting to learn about the industry.

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